Seat problem update.

I called the dealer about my seat problem. And, they didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear.

I called the Evansville Mazda dealer and they said that since they’ve already fixed the seat once, they’re not likely to fix it again. She is going to call her warranty admin and see but she said they likely will deny the warranty claim for the same problem over again. So I have a 2.5 year old car with a peeling seat. My Grand Am was 8-years-old when I got it and 10-years-old when I sold it and its leather was fine.

Annoyed is an understatement.

I’m disappointed with my 6 right now because of this damn seat issue and having to fight to get it fixed. Like, what long term durability can I expect from the interior and the car overall if the seat upholstery peels up twice in three years?


Oh, and the right rear door lock actuator squeaks occasionally, too. To add insult to injury.

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