Picture of the newly stanced ‘burb for your time. (I installed a front end leveling kit a couple of weeks back. You are correct, I don’t go offroad. You are correct, it isn’t even 4WD. You are correct, it is 95% for aesthetics. But I do live on a street that is prone to street flooding, and that 5% is for extra font end clearance. OK, if I’m being honest, it is more like 99% aesthetics. Ring up my bro truck points.)

On to the question. I really like my ‘burb, but the driver seat is killing my shoulders. I’m not huge (6'2", 175), but the bolsters on the drivers seat push my shoulders forward, and I have a 50 minute commute each way to work. I have a rectangular pillow from the Relax the Back store (one of those self-inflating ones) that is doing an OK job, but looking for a solution that fits the seat a bit better and maybe doesn’t look horrible if I leave it on the seat full time. What I need is something that supports my back, but allows my shoulders to be in a normal position, not pushed forward by the bolsters. I ordered a back pillow from Amazon that might work, but thought I’d throw the question out to the Oppo hive mind for suggestions.


(Side note - what is up with the aggressive bolsters on a Suburban anyway? I’m not tracking this thing, the seat on this should be like a sofa.)

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