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Seatbelt/SRS switch on a 2001 Civic

This is the second time this is giving me some grief, so this time, I’m going to fix it. Permanently.

Basically, what happens is the switch inside the seatbelt buckle thinks that something isn’t quite right. When I am wearing my seatbelt (which I always do), the seatbelt light goes off, but for a while, the SRS light would flicker a bit, then go out. Then it went on permanently. Last time this happened, I took apart the buckle, sprayed a bunch of contact cleaner in the switch, then reset the SRS light. That worked for about two years, but it is doing it to me again. I figure that I always wear my seatbelt, so maybe I’ll just bypass the switch altogether. I checked it tonight, and there’s 3 wires going in to/coming out of the switch.  Two wires are red/blue, and one is black. I found a wiring diagram that seems to match that:

Illustration for article titled Seatbelt/SRS switch on a 2001 Civic

(See near the bottom - positions 1 and 2). If I’m reading this correctly, that should mean that the switch is open (i.e.: not making contact) when the seatbelt is buckled. So what would prevent me from snipping both blue/red wires and leaving it just like that? Or am I mixed up in thinking that position 2 is actually connected? Also, why would Honda make it so that the switch is closed to indicate that something isn’t plugged in? Wouldn’t that be a riskier thing to do, as a break in the wire would indicate a false-safe situation?

Car wiring is weird.

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