“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

I bought a set of black cloth NB2 Miata seats to replace my tan leather ones. I don’t want to deal with leather again with this Miata but I’m unsure what material I want my new seat covers to be made out of. It’s basically cloth vs Neoprene unless someone suggests a better alternative. Would it be better to buy aftermarket kits that have been known to work or should I see if a local upholstery shop can do a better job? (Paging: Steve is equipped with Electronic Fool Injection, I’m only about 2 hours from Charlotte.)

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The good:

  • more durable than cloth
  • Supposedly water repellent to a degree like a driver’s wet suit
  • easy to wash and clean compared to cloth
  • UV protectant spray supposedly prevents UV fading and discoloration
  • Supposedly breathes better than cloth

The bad:

  • Black will fade into purple or maroon when exposed to UV rays for too long. Given this is a Miata and the hardtop hasn’t been on for months, this is inevitable
  • Supposedly it does soak-up liquids...it just won’t soak into the foam underneath the covers
  • Apparently hard to dry up once water soaks into them, any liquids must be immediately wiped or dried off before it can soak in or else it’s going to retain that moisture for a while
  • Seems to be more expensive than cloth
  • Supposedly does not breathe better than cloth


The good:

  • More affordable than Neoprene
  • Easier to source locally if I want custom-made seats by an automotive shop
  • Wider selection of blues to choose from if I want to be really picky with whatever shade best fits my 10AE interior.

The bad:

  • Possibly harder to get rid of stains
  • ...I honestly don’t see any other positives for cloth, feel free to let me know of any.

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