In December 2015, armed carjacker Raymond Azevedo stole a series of cars, eventually winding up in a late-model Camaro and leading police on a long, wild car chase through Seattle. Full dashcam footage is now available.

More information on the events of that day can be found here and in the video descriptions. Ain’t nobody got time for a 3+ hour vid, so check out the embedded clip above of the chase itself (skip to 9:43 if it’s not queued up for when the Camaro enters camera view). There’s still lots of footage after that, so here are some highlights if you prefer to jump around:

9:45 First glimpse of the Camaro from this dashcam. If you’re a fan of following along via Google Street View, feel free to start here.

13:14 #1 chaser CV spins out. “Well, we’re number one.”

13:48 Camera-cruiser follows the Camaro into a dead-end and rams into it, but the carjacker keeps driving.


14:33 Predicting that this will not end well for the carjacker, one of the officers can be heard saying “let’s shoot ’im.” His partner calmly corrects him “we’re gonna get this done, and we’re gonna be safe.”

15:37 NOW is the time to tune in to the first part of this video to see footage from the #1 chaser (an Explorer this time), who will ram the Camaro about one minute later.


16:31 “We gotta get that guy, man. We gotta get that guy; he’s gonna hurt somebody.”

16:45 Camera-cruiser again takes the lead in this pursuit. Damage to the Camaro is now easier to see.


18:00 The carjacker struggles to keep the crab-walking Camaro under control.

19:30 Camera-cruiser driver makes an interesting move here, taking a different path, possibly to warn other drivers at the intersection. Now, wouldn’t this be a good time for a piece of rhubarb pie a cool drink of tea?


20:42 “Shots fired!”

21:10 Camera-cruiser has fallen back and lost visual of the Camaro.

23:44 Cop-on-cop collision narrowly avoided, followed by “YEAH! UH!” and later, “I LOVE ABS!”


24:07 It’s been almost 3 minutes since we’ve last seen the Camaro, so tune in briefly to 37:59 in this third video now to see where he is.

24:27 This time, a cop-on-cop collision is not saved by ABS. Camera-cruiser re-engages the Camaro. “Back in it, baby!”


24:57 Final confrontation. Switch back to the second video at 1:53 (embedded below) for a better view.

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