As always, the most interesting things were mostly not the new models displayed by manufacturers, with the possible exception of the Acura NSX, but the interesting things around the edges. Although I did enjoy sitting in a BMW M4, a Tesla Model X, whatever Lexus calls their version of the Land Cruiser these days, an Audi TT RS, and a G63 AMG, none of which I took pictures of. That G63, by the way, was probably tied with the Corvette for the most popular thing for kids to sit in—their jaws just dropped when they saw it.

Also, the fact that you could sit in a bunch of $80,000-150,000+ luxury cars, but no Dodge or Nissan or Kia or Ford above the lower trims, really conveys an unintentional message about manufacturers’ attitudes toward customers, and the experience one might have at a dealer. Audi roped off the R8 and a preproduction RS3, Porsche roped off the 911 GT3 and locked a couple other higher-end models, but by and large the higher end manufacturers actually let people check out the product—I don’t think BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Tesla (no Model 3), Land Rover, Lexus, etc. locked anything. Meanwhile, a Scat Pack Charger and a Subaru WRX are apparently far too fancy to let the unwashed matches touch.

Anyway! On to the pictures, and snide commentary in the captions.

It was Veterans Day, so the National Guard was on hand to recruit future veterans.
Competition package wheels on an M3: probably my favorite current wheel design.
Giulia Quattrofoglio! I note that in keeping with its reputation, Alfa had far and away the most beautiful professionals attending its display (not pictured, or at least not intentionally), and they seemed to be knowledgeable as well. I’m a polite modern gentleman who would never leer or catcall, but GOTDAMN.
Speaking of beauties...
You know, I know PDK is great and all, and I have nothing against good DCTs and automatics (hell, I drive one), but it really is sad that the GT3 doesn’t come with a manual.
HELLCAT widebody. Locked up tight to keep the riff-raff out. Saw some disappointed children and a remarkably stereotypical hick who (not joking) excitedly but excruciatingly audibly sounded out half the options list on the window sticker before trying the door and then leaving the area, visibly dejected.
STINGERRRRRRR. It looks like a cheap hodgepodge of other cars’ design elements, like an Audi S5 Sportback fucked a Kia Spectra, and the offspring then had the cheapest possible plastic surgery to look more like a Nissan GTR. I’m still glad they made it and I hope it sells well.
This color combination is sooooo good (champagne white pearly exterior and wheels, rich red interior). But all I could think about was James May talking about how you should never meet your heroes.
This might have been my favorite thing. Subaru had a timeline showing their most unique models, from the 360 to the Brat to the BRZ, and brought a lovely (much the same color scheme as the Countach, actually) 360.
BMW parked a V12 7-series in the middle of all its e-drive hybrid models, which I thought was pretty funny.

Oh yeah, and the Lincoln Continental has really weird door handles, which I forgot to take a picture of. Google it.


There you have it, whatever it is.

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