I won’t lie, I was a bit hesitant. Not for the lack of organization (of which there was none, Eric you did a great job), or the social anxiety of meeting new people (meh, that is my own curse), but the weather had forecasted some rain.

I’ve broken down in the rain before it just feels like a one two punch standing in the middle of an intersection with the hood up trying to figure out what went wrong while mother nature constantly taps you on the shoulder and head.

I had just built a front bumper and removed the overboost governor I had set, the suspension had never ever been used in anger, so I figured it was about time.

Decided to make a go of it. Woke up early to pack my tool kit and head out. Pretty uneventful cruise out to the meeting spot, I did notice I was running a bit lean at cruise. The lovely thing with a tunable ECU is that is easily remedied with a quick few bumps on the fuel map.

Eric who had organized the meet was already there. I did a bit of stalking to find out what cars would be there and was on the lookout for a black AMG, a white Foucs ST, and a Miata from the quick search.


After standing around waiting for the red Miata to show up, we found out that he along with a couple others were already here.

(Sorry Just-a-scratch, didn’t know whose car was whose at that point, totally chopped you out)


It really boggles the mind that we can put something together, exchange no personal information and still meet up and go on a drive.

We decided to meet up at a gas station closeby to fillup on fuel. Personally I was a bit alarmed, but looked like I was burning about a % a mile or two. With 20% left I was a bit out of my comfort zone.


A bit of miscommunication led to the group splitting into two, but as the route was so precisely determined with specific stop spots, it was assumed we would meet up.

After a moment of panic when my tablet wouldn’t connect leaving me displayless, it finally connected, reminding me I really should just hardwire the thing.


Downfall of a nicer camera is that the autofocus really dislikes glass. I now understand why people take pictures out open windows.

Route was a blast, some corners kind of came up fast, but it was great fun, I got to stick the car in 3rd and just gun it on the straights and let the car engine brake slightly in the corners while working the suspension and letting it do its thing. A bit of distress when I noticed it was running lean on tip in, meaning I had to really slowly accelerate, but small problems. Will have to remember to adjust that later.


With a super long straight, it was hard to resist a bit of a go, and a bit of a confusing merry go round moment later we all lined up behind our leader and cruised to our scenic spot.

Snoqualmie Falls, it was nice to stop and admire some of the great features


Our group got there first and we killed some time talking about the little drive and hoping to meet the other half. Svart apologized if he kept me from going full tilt, but it was honestly relaxing to just cruise after the little jaunt and fun to watch the little Fit roll in and out of corners.

They showed up a couple minutes later, a mishap caused by the gas station changing names.


A quick shot of two of the cars in the lot, plus the taillight of the Fit.

Than onto our lunch destination.


Smokey’s BBQ

We absolutely annihilated our time table, and got there right when it opened the benefit being the entire lot being almost empty.


What other site collects this diversity of cars? 4 Japanese, 2 European, 1 American/European depending on who you ask, lol. Every single one a different make.

Eric had mentioned a work event where they handed out trophy’s for achievements.

RPM definitely takes the fastest with his AMG Mercedes. I thought I might be able to challenge, but he left me in the dust leaving me seriously questioning some ill advised upping of the boost lol.


Eric and Svart take the FWD awards

Aestheticsinmotion and Just a scratch take the non shades aka actual colors awards.

Aestheticsinmotion takes the happiest looking car

Nojustno takes the most oppo I think regaling us with tales of his myriad of jalopies.


I’m pretty sure I take the loudest and oldest. My car leaving me deafened after the first half of the drive. Like a grumpy old man loudly voicing his opinions, hahaha.

The only mishaps for me happened on my way home, trying to listen to my GPS with my exhaust led me to ignore my eyes and miss the on ramp, than on the way home ending up in a little bit of traffic and the cabin getting up to 95* idling, screaming my head off at the lady who kept going 20-30ft and than parking her car to look at her phone forcing me into an unexpected leg day.


Definitely a highlight of my summer for sure,

Thanks again and it was a pleasure meeting all of you!