Seattle Oppo Cruise & Chill - Planning

I’ve been planning to do this for a bit, but I had yet to see people actually meet, so I questioned whether anyone would show up... Note that all posts will be tagged “Seattle Cruise 2017”, if you want to track this. [ Next in the series: Route Planning ]

I’m looking for opinions on where to go & when to do it. I think the first should probably be a shorter trip, hence the first option.

Where do you want to go?

1) High Bridge Road (strong leader). Start somewhere around downtown Woodinville, drive to High Bridge, bomb it, then cruise down some fun back roads. My initial idea is to run down further roads in the Snoqualmie River valley area to a city along I-90. (Additional possibility: Go east and bomb some roads on the east side of the valley. Ex: Cherry Valley & Kelly Rd, Ben Howard Rd, etc.)


2) The Mountain Loop. Start near Lake Stevens, head to Granite Falls, bomb the Mountain Loop Highway to Darrington, then return to I-5 on Highway 530. Likely hang out somewhere along the route. (Alternatively, we can go to Rockport and head back on Highway 20. This could also start a crazy long cruise over 20 for a massive loop back through Chelan, but this would likely need to be a two-day trip.)

3) The Rainier Loop. Start in Tacoma, then proceed to Paradise (requires NP entry), then continue to Highway 123 and return to roughly Puyallup. We could also do a loop out to Naches and back via Highway 12 and Highway 410.

4) Hurricane Ridge. Meet in Port Angeles and drive up/down Hurricane Ridge (requires NP entry and that it be open; we might be a little late in the year).

5) Olympic Peninsula Loop. This is probably a two-day trip and probably should start in Tacoma or Olympia, with an overnight stop in La Push or Forks, then finish the loop the second day.



The next seven Saturdays (hopefully before the weather gets bad): 08/26, 09/02, 09/09, 09/16, 09/23, 09/30, 10/07


Sundays: 08/27, 09/03, 09/10, 09/17, 09/24, 10/01, 10/08

If you’d be interested in going on one, please respond with:

- Dates that would work best for you.

- Which of the above cruises you’d prefer to do and any changes you would make, or feel free to recommend one not on this list.


- Where you’d want to “chill” near the end or along the route.

Please get the word out to anyone you know as soon as possible so we can get this going before summer runs out...


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