Seattle Oppo Cruise & Chill

Everything is set for the first ever Seattle Oppo Cruise & Chill next weekend (09/09/2017). The first meeting spot (for the cruise) will be the Clearview Plaza Albertson’s parking lot on Woodinville-Snohomish Rd (17520 SR9) at 08:45, before leaving promptly at 09:00. We will arrive at Snoqualmie Falls (6501 Railroad Ave) sometime around 10:30-11:00. After a stop there to walk around and see the falls, we will head to Rhodie’s Smokin’ BBQ (30375 SE High Point Way) with an arrival time around 12:00, where we’ll hang out and eat lunch. You’re welcome to join us at any of these three roughly-timed points.

This is what Snoqualmie Falls looks like. It’s more impressive in person.
Here’s an overview of the route. Click the Furkot link below for an interactive explanation of each point.

I look forward to meeting many of my fellow Seattle/PNW Oppos for a fun cruise, beautiful scenery, and talking cars over some delicious barbecue!

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