Seattle Oppo Cruise & Chill - Destination

Now that the date/time (09/09 09:30) and route (High Bridge Road / Snoqualmie River Valley) are mostly squared away, we need to decide on a destination.

Here is a map showing the current planned route, which will be updated once our destination is finalized:

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I used MOD Pizza in Issaquah as the destination just to have a destination (it’s about as far as I expect we’ll go).


AestheticsInMotion has requested that the food not be Mexican, and I don’t see any reason we can’t work around that.

Options that seem to be family friendly and casual that are suitable, look interesting, or have been mentioned include:

  1. MOD Pizza (Issaquah) (Yelp)
  2. Rhodie’s Smokin’ Barbecue (Preston) (Yelp)
  3. Triple XXX Root Beer (Issaquah) (Yelp)
  4. Unphogettable (North Bend) (Yelp)
  5. Scott’s Dairy Freeze (North Bend) (Yelp)

I’ll add any others that you mention and tally up the results. Please read the comments before voting in case I haven’t moved any up...

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