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Seattle Oppo meet - People showed up!

No, really. Look!

Ended up being a very enjoyable drive (back-to-back twisties for miles) followed by some good BBQ. A healthy majority of the group even managed to avoid getting lost! Thank you Eric for setting everything up, and everyone else for showing up.


Okay, let’s get some glamor shots. Eric with the so-clean-you-could-eat-off-it Focus ST

RPM with the imposing muscle car-esque AMG


StudyStudyStudy with the 2jz swapped, caged Z (“mufflers” lol)


Just-a-scratch helping me represent the colorful car segment with the green on tan 328i


Myself, with the fastest straight line car of the bunch (100 VERY good horses I’ll have you know)

Forgot to take a picture of my car. D’oh!

And last but not least, NojustNo with the G35 sedan! The only person who didn’t have to worry about bottoming out, potholes, rubbing, etc....


Svart Smart, traded in his Smart had a neat little Honda Fit, but had to leave after the drive so I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture at the BBQ joint. As such, the header image was edited to show that you were there in spirit!

Until next time guys! It was good meeting ya

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