Just a reminder that the LeMay open house is today. The last Saturday in August, the LeMay family opens up their private collection to the public for a small donation to a charity ($15, free for LeMay Collection members, open till 5pm).

Harold LeMay made his fortune as a garbage hauler, but his primary love was cars. He had the means to buy up entire junkyards (and often did to save a particular car). He was also a night owl, who would think nothing of driving several hours to pick up a car. At his death, he owned over 3500 vehicles.

The house is near the main Marymount LeMay collection site, with shuttles (vintage transit and double decker buses) running back and forth to the house. The Marymount Collection is open year round, but the house has an amazing collection of cars (including a huge Packard and Chrysler letter car collection) and toys that are only open one day a year. Details here: