Seattle OPPO's: I am in search of recommendations

Evening OPPO’s! I’m going to be in Seattle for work next week attending a AWS training class. I’ve been there a couple times before but either spent most of it down near Renton (local office of my work is there) or just headed into the mountains to fish.

I’ll be staying in North Seattle but will have a rental car to get around. What should I go see/do? I’ll be busy work hours but haven’t made any plans other than that. Looking for good places to eat, catch some live music, cool museums open late and so on.

Last time I was up there someone introduced me to proper Ramen and it has changed my life. I travel a couple times a month and in every city where I’m there for more than a day I try a local ramen place. Favorite was San Francisco, Seattle second, NY third, Boston 4th and everywhere else has been pretty meh so far.


I will eat and enjoy almost anything though, and always ask around for recommendations of places to go and things to eat from locals.

I’d even be game to get together for a beer with any Seattle Oppos that want to.

Photo of a couple Grumman fraternal twins at the Boeing Museum of Flight when I was up there last summer as a thank you for your time!

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