Seattle trip for Columbus day!

Paging aesthetics in motion... 

Right now my girlfriend and I are hashing out some details for a vacation on Columbus day weekend since I just realized I have a four day weekend without even using vacation time. So first task was deciding on where to go. We were between Yosemite, Big Sur, Albuquerque NM for the balloon festival, Denver CO, and Seattle WA. Our general goal was to go see cool stuff and/or do fall things. Right now the front runner is Seattle since flights are affordable and there’s lots to do there that do not just involve nature. Plus it’s a nice time of year with less crowds and not quite winter yet. We don’t get the whole seasons thing in Socal so seeing “weather” is a vacation in itself.

Anyways, my tasks include looking into flights and car rental. Naturally I’m on Turo filtering by manual transmission only and dreaming about my potential options:


There’s a bunch of less exciting options otherwise. Subaru is like $100 more for three days and seeing as I already own an STi is probably a boring choice to rent. Although would be neat to basically feel like I brought my own car with me. The BMW is cheaper but is a simple 2 series entertaining? Ought to be when in manual I guess. And I always love the FJ for just being strange. I don’t think I want to deal with driving one but it would be an experience. Plus I’d definitely be down for making it down some stupid roads with aesthetics in motion, I’d be a good support vehicle when his Miata inevitably gets stuck or breaks.

So what are good places to see for a few days in the area? Fall colors are a high priority but Idk how much of that is in that area.

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