Our kitchen at work is always stocked with fancy/pretentious/healthy snacks and drinks. I work across the hall from the marketing guy, and he and I are always discussing snack/drink packaging. This afternoon we strolled in for coffee and seltzer, and noticed some new snacks!

“Seaweed chips!?” We said in unison. We each picked up a pack and started to laugh. “Is this a joke? No way there is anything in here.” He said as we shook the packaging around. In fact there was a stack of “seaweed chips” in the package just like the ones picture above.

I’m waiting for his take on them, but I don’t think I like em. I just ate “chip” number 4, and I don’t think I’m going to make it through the rest.

I was imagining something with the consistency of tortilla chips, but made from seaweed. It was not like that. It’s like eating the cellophane from a pack of cigarettes flavored with grocery store sushi that has been left out for too long, slightly flavored with onion...


Yep #5 seals the deal, they’re gross.