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Second Car(/Minivan/CUV/...) (Repost for the afternoon crowd)

Some of you may remember me posting something a while back about how to know if you are ready for kids and all that. a few wise people responded with “when it happens, you’ll be ready”.’ Well surprise, I guess I’m ready ;)

Now this brings me to my conundrum: our only car is a Fiesta ST. While this has worked fairly well for us, at some point in the near future we are going to need a second vehicle, as there are appointments to go to before and after the baby comes, and I won’t always be able to leave work to shuttle my wife and child around.

Really the only requirements my wife has is that it should be

a) Automatic (I know I know, Manuel es vida, Manuel es amor, but she doesn’t drive now and didn’t like driving when she got her learner’s permit)


b) Needs to be roomier than my Fiesta ST.

I haven’t given it a ton of thought yet, but the one vehicle that I have thought would work is a Mazda5, they are fairly reliable as far as I know, and they are a minivan that drives pretty much like a car. I still owe about 9k CAD on the Fiesta, and as we will be on one income for a while I would like to avoid payments as much as possible, and stay under 10k CAD if I can. The baby comes in may, so I don’t need to buy immediately, but as my wife still doesn’t have her driver’s license it would probably be nice to take an exam in an automatic car instead of a manual.

So oppo, what would you recommend for an auto DD with space?

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