This one of the pictures I submitted in my photo class for our assignment to shoot "old things." My teacher is a bit of a dick to everybody and is known for being a narrow-minded asshole. I give me my presentation giving the history behind my photos to the class. He tells me "Hey Bandit, I can't obviously tell if this wheel you shot is old or not. I'm going to have to deduct you some points." I was confused since I had already stated this is from a '65 MG. I responded "Um... Mr. [photo teach], how many car's do you see rolling around on wire wheels that aren't ghetto hoopties from the 80s? Think about it." He took minute to think about what just happened, he couldn't really believe a student just said something contradictory/boarder line asshole-ish to him. Eventually he nodded and and in a defeated tone said "That is true, good point. I guess I have to give you full credit." I haven't liked this teacher since he told me brown wasn't a color during the first week of his class. He teaches a photography class but we have never learned anything, monday he assigns some random photo assignment (this week was 50 pictures of brooms), tuesday-thursday he just sits at his computer, and every Friday he assigns a one page hand written summary of an article in an old photo magazine due at the end of the hour. I apologize for how this sounds, but I am the best photographer for the class and I feel especially bad for the other guys. We signed up to learn photography and he won't teach us. He is a useless waste of tax dollars.

Anyways, here's a couple more pictures from that set.