I’m faced with a dilemma. One of the higher-ups in my company has an old C4 Corvette (1987, if I remember correctly) taking up space in his garage. It’s white with red interior, over 150,000 miles, and needs some work. The heater core is bad, the paint is faded and scuffed up in a few places, the interior is worn down, and it had a mouse nest in the trunk at one point. The engine runs (but could use a tune-up and fresh fluids), and the Nash 4+3 transmission engages gears without drama. It passed smog testing here in California about 3 years ago, then it blew the heater core almost a year later, and he changed the registration to non-op. It has just sat since then.

He hasn’t been actively trying to sell it, and he told me he’d let me have it for “less than $1,500.”

So, do I buy it? I’ve tried to work out the pros and cons of such a purchase.


  • If one Corvette is good, two is better.
  • Would make a wonderful track day/autocross toy.
  • It’d be great to have something to wrench on again.
  • Relatively small initial investment, well less than a single paycheck. I could probably clean it up and just resell it at a profit if I really wanted to.
  • Maybe a new LeMons car in the making.
  • Perfect for a Miami Vice cosplay convention.


  • My girlfriend would be angry about me taking up another parking spot in our driveway/garage. (It’s already kind of full with my two cars, her car, my brewery equipment, etc). There is street parking, but not always a lot available.
  • I don’t really have a ton of free time for a project car.
  • Potential to become a money pit.
  • Plenty of additional ancillary costs (tires, fluids, insurance, and so on)
  • Perfect for a Scarecrow and Mrs. King cosplay convention.

For your consideration, here is a picture of a C4 Corvette. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the one I’m considering.



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