I recently listened to a conversation between two good friends of mine, both in the BMW Genius program, and I found out some unreleased BMW information that might be a tad bit startling. BMW is going to get some hate, but I guarantee the things on this list will happen in the next 1 or 2 years.

A Big Businessman’s Vehicle

The X2 that appeared at the Paris Auto Show is going to be made. In fact, it’s nearing release date. I don’t know the exact date, but it’s coming up fast. I suspect sometime in December we will see the new X2 release, or maybe the teaser trailer.

The next one is the X7, which is confirmed to be released unless someone screws it up. It will have three rows, and will essentially be a 7-Series SUV.

Bringing Back The Past (By Deleting The Present)

The 8-Series is confirmed for production! But I guess BMW had too many models, so sadly, the M6 is leaving BMW. Production ends soon, I have heard. They will not make a 2018 M6. God damn, that was one of my favorites!


Powering Up...

Since the M6 is leaving BMW for a while, they won’t have a fast (gasoline) sports car? Wrong. The M5 is still staying, but every M-Powered BMW is getting a horsepower & torque boost! The new M5 will be faster than the current M6, and the M3 will be stupidly overpowered.


The M6 is not the only car leaving BMW, the 6-Series is going byebye. That’s right, no more 6-Serieses.


That’s not good.