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UPDATE: 12/10/17

Emails have been sent. If you didn’t receive an email directly from me that means your part of a group using to do the Secret Senna draw. You MUST join the group before names will be drawn. So check your email if you signed up.



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Secret Senna is back. I’m going to try something a bit different this year to (hopefully) make things a bit easier, so pay attention.

First off, what you need to do; Send me an email at and include the following info:

  • Oppo username and kinja blog address
  • Name (optional)
  • Shipping Address
  • Whether you’d be open to shipping international (remember it can be pricey)


  • Gifts should be $10-???, be as generous as you’d like to be
  • If you sign up you send something, don’t be “that guy”
  • Send your gift in a timely matter, this isn’t Christmas in July (that being said, it’s always better late than never)
  • Sign up deadline will be December 10th and please try to get gifts sent out by January 1st
  • Have fun

What’s different this year.

I will be using a website ( to organize the name drawing and handle information exchanges. I will input everyone’s email into the group, once that is done this will allow a few things.


1. You will be able to create a wish list (put cars you like, t-shirt size, or other things that might help with gift ideas)

2. Once the drawing is done you can communicate anonymously with your gift recipient. You will be responsible for using this to get your victim’s shipping information (and responding to your Secret Senna with your info). I will have everyone’s information in my inbox as well so you can email me if this step breaks down


3. You can also ask questions about gift ideas anonymously if you really want to nail it

4. Once you send a gift it would be helpful to send a tracking number to your recipient (optional, but highly encouraged)


Remember to have fun!

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