Secret Senna

When I saw the Saskatchewan postmark I knew it had to be CB!


Thanks for this year’s must have gift, the 10mm socket! I’m wondering if I should put a chain on it and wear it as a talisman against German car gremlins....

The GTI mug is awesome, we actually got a pair of the enamel camper van ones for my in-laws who own a Westfalia and will be driving it out west on a retirement road trip this summer.


I’m gonna take the Roughriders toque as a subtle suggestion from the universe that I should totally fit hard-ass racing coil overs to the wagon 😬📳😬

I’d also never heard one referred to as a “Quebec block (bloc?) heater” so I learned something today (only been a Canadian 5 years and it’s hard to make out the language through all the poutine...)

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