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Secret Senna!!!!


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This is the first time participating for me and, wauw, freaking awesome! I love it!! I do have a pretty good feeling who this is from (I’ve read pretty much every ‘cleaning’ post you’ve done so far, I know exactly who uses Gtechniq!!!).

It is absolutely awesome!! The car needed a good clean, both inside and out, so that won’t be a problem now. And the sweets, man, the sweets. I don’t post a lot of ‘breakfast’ stuff like you do, but i assure you, the FLUFF is going to get used, it’s going to get used good!


Last but certainly not least, the oil cap. My engine is going back to stock, but I have a whole closet full of JDM things, including die cast models, I know just the perfect spot for the oil cap (which reminds me, I should do a post on the closet sometime).

Thank you so much for making the first Secret Senna play out so damn good for me. And while I'm at it, MasterMario, thnx for organizing it. I know for a fact I'm joining in again next year!

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