Secret Senna Arrived!

I just got my Secret Senna package just in time for Christmas. Thanks DaftRyosuke!

You were spot on in your choices, they are all awesome. The shirt will be perfect if I make it to a Radwood event next year. Even better that it is your own design. The BMW M3 book will make a great addition to my growing automotive library. The pages in it are all photopaper quality and comes with a sweet cd-rom.


While I rarely ever post about my diecast collection, it is quite extensive and the XJ is a most welcome addition. I already have a few Ertl XJs, But I’ve never seen a Johnny Lightning version. Its even better because it is very close to my first XJ I had after high school.


Thanks again DaftRysosuke for an excellent Secret Senna. I gave you very little details in my wishlist and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This is my first year doing Secret Senna and will definitely do it again.

PS: The box is a perfect size for a JellyBean.

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