Secret Senna arrived!!

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Very cool and thoughtful stuff!! Hot Wheels E90M3 E92M3 and 1M (2 of my favorite BMWs!), Mercedes hood ornament paperweight (which will go on my desk when I has job...), and a manual shift knob bottle stopper (gives me a good excuse to open one of the many bottles of wine I’ve got around here!).


The cars may be a little too nice for my son at the moment (he likes throwing them on the floor), but he loves cars, so he needs to get used to nice cars - driven by the proper wheels and with the correct number of pedals!

Thanks to my Secret Senna - whose name may (or may not) be in this post somewhere, I’m not sure...


Most importantly, I have mine ready to go (finally!) and will be getting it in the mail the day after Christmas.

Merry Christmas Oppo!!

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