Secret Senna arrived!--Mega Update!

[UPDATE]: I got the knife sharpener, sticker book, and DVD before Christmas(see bottom for original post), but a box was waiting for me when I returned from Indy after New Years, and what a welcome home surprise it was. It came in this:

My girls thought surely it’s not really a saw, but I told them you don’t understand these people. It actually could be. It wasn’t. Instead, the box held:

  • a trailer license plate.
  • R2 and BB8 mugs with packets of hot chocolate
  • a wooden Spirit of St. Louis that I will put together and fly
  • a clip-on lens for a cell phone
  • a key chain tool that will come in handy for any number of things
  • a cool knife
  • some bolts that I’m guessing are a reference to last summer’s post about the repairs I had to do on my wheelchair castor bolts.
  • a 25 ft tape measure
  • two really good chocolate and graham cracker bar thingies (we’ve eaten one and I’ve hidden the rest or my girls would eat it)
  • a Hot Wheels Enterprise and trick wheel chair that apparently has an action figure I can get to go in it. It does cool wheelies.
  • a Matchbox C-130 with wheels on the bottom so I can roll it down the runway while I make engine sounds.

And then there was this:


A really neat bag with a metal snowspeeder model in the pocket. But the piece de resistance was this drawing:


It looks like I was so happy with all my presents that I accidently cut my wrists while trying to sharpen my new knife with my new knife sharpener!

Bravo, Secret Senna. I am indeed trembling with joy!

Original post from 12/25:


Actually, he arrived last week, but I’m posting about it now.

The knife sharpener is probably appropriate given that I’ve been killing off one of you each day this month. It’s also useful, and I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time. Perfect gift.


The stickers are awesome, and I can’t decide whether to use them or keep them pristine in their book. They remind me of my childhood.

The dvd came later, and I’m ashamed to say it took me a minute to get it.:

Me: Ben Hur, wow. This is a classic. You know, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the entire thing through. The chariot race is an iconic film moment.


Wife: oh!

Me: OH!

So , whoever you are, we’ll done. Very well done indeed. Merry Christmas!

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