Secret Senna Delivered!

Photo: all mine

Holy crap, thank you so much anonymous Secret Senna! This was so nice!

I have no idea who you are (...was I not supposed to sign mine? oops), but the note was really, really sweet.


So, I totally filled out the wish list thing on DrawNames before I saw Mario’s note to forget about it, but I got the 914 manual anyway! OMG! Thanks!!!

A fresh copy, too! This is going to greatly improve the next Reading of the Book of Haynes.

Now I can return the 914 manual I keep forgetting to return that’s sitting in my kitchen. Also, I still need to either fix my 411's engine or just skip right over that and get a 914 engine to install. I do envy that 914 version of the Type 4 engine quite a bit. Hans Mezger (of the long-used, very good 911 block fame) and buds worked it over when it went in the good ol’ VW-Porsche 914.

“For today’s more complex vehicles,” ha.
Photo: still me

Then there was a wood-carving of my 944 (!!!!!), which is one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to date. I’m speechless. This is so awesome.


Aaaaaaand then there were a couple lil’ transaxle Porsches, complete with moving parts (!!).


Red 924!


And a right-hand-drive 928! I didn’t even know either of these existed.


Thank you so much, Anonymous Oppo Poster! This rules so much.


Off-topicish: It has been chilly, so yes, this is all sitting on the Puffalump blanket on top of my duvet. It’s actually official Puffalump merch from back in the day:


It also features the cutest butterfly illustrations of all time.

My Secret Senna package went out today. The lil’ automated postage machine was broken at my post office before Christmas, and I just now got around to it. Happy new year, recipient!

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