Secret Senna overload

Well, my Senna arrived. Sliiight excess on the part of my benefactor.

Okay, a giant French poster of frenchy frenchness. This was the contents of the tube marked “ramblinrover 2 of 2". So what was 1 of 2, you might be axkin’? Well, I’ll tell you:


Oh, a whole host of leetle Porsches and a racing 240z. Nitty. ButWaitThere’sMore:

A hardcover Cadillac book, vintage airplanes book, and a Far Side book. One which either was currently missing from the ones on my shelf or was present only in collections, so kudos.

The madman did not identify himself, but I have a sneaking, fleeting tiny hint of a near certainty based on address it was Tfritch.Self-identified, CaptDale.


Also arriving via yesterday’s post, things I ordered for myself: call of Cthulhu sourcebook, boondock saints Blu Ray, Savage worlds sourcebook, a copy of Arkham Horror, and (of potential non-nerdy oppo interest), the classic car card game Mille Bornes..

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