The problem with travel for a living is I’ve become either a hotel snob or a pragmatist. Any hotel has to cater to customer desires, and one of them is style. What is in, contemporary, has to be offered. The customer should open the door and think, “oh, alright!” But giving them a useful room? I think a great many places forget that step.

See that lamp between the beds? It’s on bright or off. Good luck not bothering anyone in the other bed if you just want to read. Waking up? BAM! FULL BRIGHT! no escape for your retinas.


But that’s just a small thing...

Enjoy a desk. Only deep enough for phone charging. I assume they mean a table for that purpose however there’s no chargers on or near the table for tablets/laptops/phones. A hotel room is for business travellers doing work just as much as families on vacation. I can’t spread anything out and there’s no surfaces to put anything on.....except the floor.

Nit picking? I’m in rooms a few times a week. A desk and outlets are necessary, especially if the name outside is Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton.


Beware of trends. They can kill. Because nobody play tested this room design before offering it to the chains. I guess in the right place returning customers aren’t a concern. Sleep and get out.

Grey may be modern but the night before last night’s grey room was so dark it was suicidally dank. There has to be a color somewhere. At least I got some kind of dark maroon on those uncomfortable non-office chairs.


This is not usable. This is LAX.

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