Mrs. BaconSandwich and I have bought a new (to us) house. The neighborhood isn’t bad, but I still like the idea of getting some sort of security camera setup. I know such cameras have been helpful to a few people here on Oppo before, hence my asking here.

Costco has some seemingly inexpensive systems by a company called Lorex, but reviews seem... mixed. I would consider rolling my own system with a bunch of Raspberry Pi computers (using the Pi IR camera), but as a young dad of two (bacon bit #2 was born a week ago, bacon bit #1 will be 2 years old soon), I really don’t have a ton of time to muck around with making my own system.  That’s also time that takes away from other hobbies... like programming or car stuff.

So, do any of you have any recommendations on security cameras?

Ideally I’d like at least 2, possibly 3 cameras. Another concern of mine is security to the outside world - meaning I don’t want some totally sketchy knock-off Internet-of-Things camera that first sends my feed to a server in china (Exhibit A: ).


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