Sedans That Should Absolutely Have a Wagon Counterpart

While working a late PM shift on a large rental car lot (alamo/national @ O'hare), there are days where I get to drive, hoon and thoroughly observe the design and build of cars. The other night I had a '14 Chrysler 200c on our lot and I spent some time in it. The car is impressively designed in my opinion. It's no longer a bleak car, and besides the audi-esque rear end, it's face has a very unique look to it that I have learned to really appreciate. The overall package looked great, until it reminded me of another car. For just a glimpse of a second, I noticed, from a certain angle, it looked pretty similar to the Vauxhall Astra VXR. Then I got sad, because Chrysler will never notice this fact and turn the car into a beautiful 3/5 door hatchback/wagon/estate that it truly deserves to be. Even with it's current design, just an extension of the roof into the rear end somewhere inbetween the sharpness of a hatch/wagon would look excellent on this car. Just think of it: A beautiful V6, AWD midsized American Wagon. The thought of that makes me smile.

What other sedans/current vehicles do you think would look better as hatches or wagons? (Or would at least have a different/unique take on the current model's shape)

Also, if you have any questions for me about the rental biz or any models and what stupid things you can do to cars that aren't your's, have at it.

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