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People come from all persuasions and philosophies. I get that. And people are very passionate about things that are important to them. I think that’s good. And it’s important to have conversations about important things like public policy, religion, civil liberties, all those kinds of things. I just don’t like when people substitute intelligent conversation with hot takes and gotchas.


What started this rant? Well, some work friends just came into my office, and the conversation turned to public health funding policy. Then they brought out the phrase, “not my president”. What a stupid phrase, really. If you are a citizen of this country, and you live by its laws, then the president is your president. You expressed your choice last November, and you live with the result. The only people who can say “not my president” are those who leave, and that’s a valid choice that some make.

If Clinton, or Stein, or Limberbutt McCubbins won the election, that person would be my president as much as this one is, and I’d live with it and move on just like I have to live with this one. I just don’t want to have to hear insults and incivility thrown around in lieu of legitimate discussion. It’s tiresome and gets in the way of actual discourse.



Here’s a convertible for your time. Have a great weekend. I sure will. I’m leaving early to make dinner for some visiting friends, and then I’m gonna watch my daughter kick some booty at her swim meet.

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