I’m glad it crossed my mind that Crutchfield might be having a Black Friday sale and I should go look at speakers, because they had Infinity Reference speakers 50% off. Those are the same speakers I had in my S10 that I liked so much, so I order a couple sets of 6 1/2” 2-ways for my Silverado to replace the slowly decaying 7 year old factory speakers.

Front doors are an easy install with the included bracket and harness adapter. The extended cab doors require some customization of the factory bracket to install since no one makes a bracket for extended cab models. Basically you have to cut the factory speaker out of the bracket and screw the aftermarket speaker in in its place. Doesn’t look too complex but is also a lot more difficult than just a new bracket.

I’m still running the stock head unit because I can’t stand how anything aftermarket looks in these trucks, it has an aux jack, and does pretty well with the stock speakers so I imagine aftermarket ones will be just enough of an improvement to keep me more than happy.