Seeing a lot of super low mile Taurus cop cars, anyone know why?

So I put in my pre-order and down payment in for my Charger Hellcat this past week (hopefully get it before the summer, I know I won't get it in the first allotment), and I've been searching for a suitable daily driver since then. While I'd love to rock the Hellcat every day I live in Michigan and travel all over the state for work. My 2014 Charger R/T AWD Max has been a fantastic car but what kind of masochist drives a less-awesome version of a car he already owns (not to mention I'd like to cash out on some of my "automotive equity).

It wasn't long before I started to look at the Taurus (specifically the SHO), it meets all my must-have requirements (AWD, affordable, decently, and roomy enough for someone over 6' tall to drive long-distance comfortable). On pure chance I ended up stumbling on to a dealership's listing for a "Police Interceptor Sedan" or, as everyone outside of the Ford marketing department calls it, the Taurus cop car. The one in question peaked my interest almost instantly. It was a 2013 model with less then 2k miles on the clock... that's NOT a typo, the car had a hair over 1800 miles on it. It was also AWD with the same twin turbo ecoboost from the SHO. For all intents and purposes I was looking at a "poor man's SHO". A brief bit of searching later and it turns out this was surprisingly common to see in inventory on quite a few dealership lots.

Go ahead, just Google "For Police Interceptor For Sale", you'll see dozens of dealership's with obscenely low-mile cars in inventory. I'd say 80% have the 365hp SHO engine, while the rest have a N/A V6 out of the mustang good for 305hp (that's exclusive to the interceptor... fun fact!). Almost all of them are going for right around $20k. The other police-spec options from Chryco and GM are a good-bit more difficult to find, and involve auctions, and average milage well over 10k for sure.


I'm sleeping on the idea of buying something "unconventional" like this but I'm hard-pressed to find many downsides. My question to you Oppo is... what's the catch? Seriously, where are these cars coming from and why are they there!?!

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