Good morning, Oppo. I pray your Christmas was filled with peace or joy or both. (Depending on your living situation, especially concerning younger children, much joy may not equal much peace. ^_^ )

I have located a serviceable exhaust manifold for the LS, and am happily waiting for it to arrive. I don’t KNOW, but I would assume that replacing the cracked manifold will also require replacing the manifold gasket as well, yes? (Remember, wrench-work is not my wheelhouse.) If this is the case, there seem to be numerous options available when it comes to sourcing said gasket, including Ebay, Amazon, RockAuto, and a hojillion other online sources. I’m also fairly certain I could source them from AutoZone, O’Reilly, Napa, or Pep Boys, even with special order. So, there’s kind of a whole slew of questions that kind of come with this:

  • I’mma need to replace the gasket, too, right?
  • Do I need to be on the lookout for a poor quality product, or are they all the same in reality?
  • Is there really any advantage to paying $25 + shipping from an online source versus paying $30-35 from AutoZone or PepBoys locally?
  • Will I need to designate which side, or can the gasket be flipped around and fit either side?
  • Any shared experience or advice will be happily read, hopefully before the part arrives.
  • Underrated Mazda prettiness for your time