Seeking electrical trouble shooting advise

For those not in the know, my coolant sensor (that goes to the ECU) melted in half, so I replaced the connector and sensor. I have continuity across were I crimped the new connector on and I’ve tried two brand new sensors at this point, so I think it’s safe to rule those out. As you could guess the ECU is still not reading the sensor. (Also, I didn’t mix up the wires on the connector and it’s just a thermoresistor so I don’t think it would really matter even if I did.)

Anyhoo. It’s a two pin connector. One wire comes straight from/to the sensor from the ECU. The other does the same but splits off and goes to a few other sensors.


My question is; would this be a good way to trouble shoot it to see if I have a problem upstream of the sensor and it’s connector?

I was thinking, with the sensor and connector connected, checking for continuity across the two wires. To make sure that the connector and sensor are making good contact. The unplugging the connector and sensor, turning the key to accessory (just before crank) and then checking for voltage across the two wires. Since they won’t be making contact with sensor and the ECU should be sending power to measure the resistance in the sensor, I should get a voltage reading (5V is how much the ECU sends through it) if everything is good.


Is my thinking correct or no?

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I can draw the wiring diagram if you’d like, but it’s pretty much just what I described and it goes across two pages so pictures would be a PITA.  

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