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I’m considering a security camera system for my house. Does Oppo have any advice or recommendations? I’m thinking along the lines of 4-8 exterior cameras covering various approaches to the house and the front and back yards generally, feeding into a DVR type box with a big HDD inside continually loop recording. Having a camera point out across the frontage road and interstate behind my house might be neat, too, if nothing else for capturing occasional shenanigans. This would ideally be viewable and controllable from my home PC. I’m not sold on the necessity of app/remote viewing away from my home network.


I’m thinking remote app viewing would be neat, but something tells me many/all of those apps make your camera feeds view able to the servers their going through. Similarly, I’d be curious how many of these boxes have their firmware phoning home to servers in who knows where if they’re connected to my home network.

I’m most tempted so far by these Samsung/wisenet systems along the lines of what can be pickup at Sam’s Club/Costco. Part of me wants to think that at least being made by a South Korean company, the software is at least phoning home to an allied intelligence service... Anyone have experience with these systems? I’m not opposed to a build-my-own setup if I can find something pointing me in the right direction, and the it was price competitive.

I’d prefer cameras powered by CAT5 Ethernet cable instead of BNC, but I could work around that.

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