Have a video of me roaming as Rook for your time.

So I have enough renown for another DLC character now.

Currently I have Hibana, Jackal, Frost, and Mira.

At the moment I’m leaning towards Blackbeard or Valk. I didn’t seriously consider Valk before, because I didn’t use cams much. But as you can see in the video I drone and use cams much more now.


Blackbeard is still appealing even after the nerfs. Getting a free pass on frontal headshots still sounds amazing, although I still don’t think it’s good enough to justify the 25k.

Really the only other ones I’m considering are the two new Korean ops. Mostly just because that shotgun looks really fun, and Dokkeabi’s gadget probably is too.

I know the smart buy would be Ela or Zofia, but I kind of want to avoid them on principle because I think they’re both overpowered, even though I don’t see either of them actually getting nerfed anytime soon.

And as you can tell from the video, I obviously don’t need Caviera ;)