Hello there!

Its been too long since Ive posted.

Anyways, I installed a Kenwood double din touchscreen in my car. Used a metra harness to connect it to the stock audio system which has a Bose amplifier built in and located between the back seat and the trunk.

Since installing, I have a hiss at all volumes, and even when volume is at zero, but no hiss when the head unit is turned off...

A friend of mine suggested that i might need a resistor or something.

Anyone have a clue how to get rid of the hiss with out having to buy all new component speakers and/or running another amp?


Considering the age of the car, I’d rather not spend more money on this car than necessary to keep it decent, so buying 4 5", 2 6x9s, and a pair of tweeters is out since they still work just fine and i have other things i need to spend on...