For the past month or so the Impala SS has been more or less neglected. It’s hard to find time for joyrides and even more so when there seems to be a near constant little issue of one type or another. Its still mechanically solid as V8 powered BOF Chevys are wont to be, but wanting to focus on the Lotus precludes me from figuring out the intermittent one headlight browning issue, interior lights, CD player etc... It has a lot of interest (neighbor, wife’s co-workers, randoms) so I am thinking of moving on from it.

This is tough because it is the car of my childhood and my late father’s pride, even as the shine had dulled. I want to keep it, but I can’t justify it. There’s not much worse than the guy who won’t sell off the cool car rotting in the driveway (It’s nowhere close to rotting, but they all started somewhere) I can’t see it ever being in its prime, eating miles by the hundreds under my ownership. Which is a bit sad, but also gives me impetus to sell it to someone who can. Or at least make it into a cool semi-restored hot-rod, which is probably the best fate for a solid high mileage car.

Checking the market in my area is promising as they seem to fall into a few categories, Wrecked ($1500), clone ($4000), rough/decent example in sketchy dealership ($7-9000), Nice weekend car ($12,000), Spent last 20 years in hermetically sealed chamber ($25,000). I KNOW that these are appreciating. but being such a high mileage (at least 300k) with small problems, the value isn’t going to be rising quite as fast. The right home is probably more important than the right price anyways.