Invited to Hyundai Proving Grounds to checkout the four SEMA projects, hangout with Bisi from BisiMoto, see the 30-day Vaccar Hyundai Tucson Sport build before it goes public, score a week long courtesy vehicle, AND got compensated for taking the time off from their work schedule and fart around with Hyundai and friends. Freakin’ cool!!


*Video is just a vlog, NOT a review or first look. Around 9:27 is a neat exhaust though.

Here’s a short rant that is NOT due to the video, but I rather post related thoughts into one post than spread them out over many posts.


Youtubers are getting much better deals than the journalists. I didn’t actively notice the difference in manufacturer launching between the Tubers and Journos until the launch of the McLaren 720s (where the Journos scrambled to create videos with extremely limited amounts of time with the car while Tubers just spent the day with their own 720S to go about their errands). It seems as if people like the original British Carspotter Clique and their offshoots are receiving crazy manufacturer attention to live with the cars (30-day test cars are the future) rather than present the cars.

Meanwhile, the Journos still get herded off to a hotel in order to drive a couple cars around the block or on a leash at a track. Gotta be a big mag with insurance in order to unleash the car on track. There’s of course food and powerpoint presentations to fill the day while everyone panics to turn 20-minutues of drive time into a video so that they can pay the light bill on time next week. After the event, all Journos wait to receive the same 1 of 4 nationwide press cars while the Tubers get invited to special invite-only events and are granted extensive time with the new hotness including one-on-ones with someone that knows everything about the product, plus a courtesy new car for a week just as a thank you from the manufacturer for allowing the car to appear in their everyday lives.

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The future is sending cars out to Vloggers and the Independent Non-Press Automotive Talents of the world and having them do their daily routines with the car present rather than trying to get all the media together to do a gigantic press launch of the new car.


In honesty, I can’t blame automakers because selling a lifestyle makes more sense/cents than selling a product. That’s why electric cars are a great business. But if I were an automaker Id prefer dedicated Social Mediocres over Lukewarm Journos too! Especially when one group will say, “Wow guys, I got this wicked new Civic for the week!!” Compared to, “The interior is nice but has too many hard plastics for a car that costs money. The transmission is nice but I wish they’d offer a manual. The ride is nice but could be more aggressive. Im impressed by how nice and quiet the cabin is but I’d like more exhaust noise from this 4-cylinder engine which is known for its incredible exhaust note.”

Im glad there are a lot of nice cars with nice things that perform nicely on the market. That’s all nice to know! Meanwhile, you have people like Steve Hammes and Tom Voelk who plan what they have to say about a car! I’m genuinely worried that this style of prepared and informative reviewing may be on the way out for 20 minute videos of needless information and 28 minute videos of no information at all.


We need enthusiastic automotive reviews geared towards people that are NOT enthusiasts.

Well Im going to go ahead and watch some person sit in a new 911 GT2 RS for 15 minutes and tell me about what they are about to eat at Jerry’s House of Fajitas. Oh! Dont forget to buy the hats they made that say an inside joke from that one video from last week. Remember that video? They talked about the Koenigsegg they order to match the Lamborghini they just got and the Ford GT that’s on the way? They said, “Imma Gonna Go Fasta!” So hilarious, it had valleys!

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