Your correspondent has returned from a weekend in Paris and has seen and nor seen various things.

So, I saw a battered Citroen Ami, one of the most bizarre looking Citroens and that’s saying a lot:

And a few old and tired Renault 4s like this, but more tired:


And a Sierra, a thing rarely seen nowadays:


Not to mention several 2CVs, Peugeot 205s and Renault 5s of various vintages and somewhat surprisingly a fair few voitures sans permis or cars you can drive without a proper licence. Like this. They’re not as much like proper cars as the picture might suggest.


Things not seen include Teslas, Nissan Leafs (several Renault Zoes though) and sadly the Citroen DS. France has been officially a Godless country since 1905 and it seems a somewhat Goddess free as well.

I also saw just one American car, a Mustang or something, and about two pickups (no, not American, but the French have no love for pickups of any persuasion).