Saw this a few days ago and forgot to post. What we have here is a gentleman who drives a not cheap vehicle. Said person was driving said vehicle in the rain. It had been raining steadily all morning/afternoon and was forecast to continue into the night. Why is this relevant? Because, exhibit A shows him getting gas station paper towels, you know, the not so soft ones that are in the garbage can/window squeegee dispenser.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B shows the guy continuing to wipe down his car with them. He had clearly started before we pulled up and continued all while we pumped gas, and was still at it when we left.

Exhibit B - granted you can’t see him doing the deed, but trust me, he was. I didn’t want to keep snapping pics.

Yep, he was wiping down his entire Bentley with those awful paper towels, in a rain storm, while it was still raining, and was going to continue to rain into the night. Not just a spot on the window. Not wiping something from the inside real quick. The exterior in its entirety. <ShrugEmoji>

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