Seent things

Went to meet a friend who was dropping something off to me on their way out of town, I figured the Land Cruiser museum was as good a place as any to meet. While I was there I also went over into the antiques store for the first time. Man THAT place is nutty. It’s full of the most random things, from hundreds of what appears to be African statues to old Yamaha’s and literally every chair ever.


Wandering this place I could see why people enjoy antiquing. The stories in this place were mind boggling. Who has a stuffed African lion? Also, people use to really like to paint topless women I guess.

Also I went over to my happy place and chatted with the good folks about the new arrivals, A trekka HZJ75 troopy that has driven across Africa, South American and Europe as well as a 91 FJ80. Seen in the background. They also had a brand new map made up for them of the state. IT. WAS. AWESOME! I want it, if it wasn’t bigger than my living room. you can see that little grey square in the upper right of the map? Its 3d printed and is about 8x5 and the map is made up of hundreds of those. The details is amazing and super tactile. I was chatting with the museum owner about all the cool places we each want to explore on the map. I love that this part of the map alone could take me my whole life to explore (it’s about 1000 square miles)


and it’s about this much of the map.


Good times.

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