Then proceeds to see comment comparing it’s steering and cornering with a Camry. And I have this face...

It’s not the best handling car in the world, but I’ve driven last gen mustangs and camaros, Camrys and sonatas, even Altimas. But steering the same as a Camry? Dafuq?

I knew Hyundai was gonna kill it off. Hell half the time salesmen just sell it as sexy. You have to keep it at 3k-5k to have any real fun. V8 Mustangs are more fun, but that is hella obvious right? Hatchback truthers say why not get an ST? Is torque steer fun? Then silence. The BRZ was slow as hell, but fun to drive in a slow car fast kinda sense. But let’s not act like the Genesis coupe was awful and all these others were great, save for the top trim pony cars.


Have a Z06 I saw in PCB for your time!