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All we hear about these days is how the self-driving and autonomous cars are coming. “Soon, no one will be driving any of the cars on the road!” Not so fast, Chief. I, for one, do not welcome our new robot-car overlords.


The legal issues that will be raised by these cars are many and varied. Do you really think the carmakers can create cars that drive themselves safely while there are still - in recent memory - examples of automakers putting cars on the road they knew would kill people?

Better: What happens when the driverless cars encounter the typical drivered car? When those two vehicles meet in a t-boning incident at an intersection, who will sue who?


I am not saying there never will be driverless cars. I am simply saying that many of the issues that will show up have not been hashed out in the court of public opinion. Or in the court of oppositelock-opinion. So, here we go: The audio:


And the video:

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