Yesterday, I saw one of these driving around Atlanta and it had a weird white disk on top with what looked like cameras in it. Of course, it didn't look quite like either Google or Bing's mapping cameras. (it was mounted much closer to the roof than either of those) The car itself also didn't have any markings, and, as far as I could tell, it just had an ordinary Georgia license plate. I can't find any info on either mapping or self-driving Rav-4s of this generation, so what did I see? Is there another Streetview-esque website that doesn't mark their cars, or is it maybe finding updated routes for GPS, or what?

I also saw a base-model '15 Mustang for the first time, and I love the pony grille so much more than the others. And, as a completely unrelated question, do you think the people at the Maserati dealer would be cool enough to let me rev a Ghibli a couple times if I have no intention of buying anything? Or could I pretend I have terminal cancer and get a test drive out of it?