Sell the car? No way, man. MOVE.

C'mon, dude. The first thing you should always ask a potential landlord is whether or not they care about this kind of thing. No racecar, no lease. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Found on Austin Craigslist:

Hello all! It's time for me to part with my first miata. She's a 96 red, clear title, black clock interior with ac/power steering/windows/cruise etc. ALL OF THOSE THINGS WORK by the way. She threw a rod in November so I pulled the toasted motor out. I have the fully working 5 spd trans clutch, flywheel, tons of miscillaneous parts 4 cylinder heads for the miata and one functional block. In other words, everything you need from sensors fuel rails, gaskets etc to build yourself a motor for the car and get it running again. Body is totally straight, no accidents (more than I can say for the miata I bought to replace it lol) it is red with some classic fading on the front bumper.

Basically here's what's going on. My apt complex caught me working on the car again and has threatened to evict me (they got miffed when I pulled the engine out in November). My plan for taking the car completely apart to sell for parts is out and I have the end of the day to get the car back together or towed at my expense. In which I'd still have to put the car together to some degree anyway.

I'm hoping to attract another miata enthusiast to take over from here, get the car outta here, and maybe throw me a few bucks to compensate for all the stuff still on the car. And take a look at all the extras I've got and see if it can help them out in anyway. sensors, throttlebodies, heads, wiring, etc. I literally have tons of stuff.

Car needs new motor, (which I have the parts to make) along shocks/struts differential (it had coilovers and aftermarket sways and the torsen limited slip diff ALL things my STO edition doesn't have so i'll be keeping those. Everything else is fair game.

These cars are wonderful track/sports cars and there are few other options for bang for buck fun! Perfect track day prep car. Has tons of space now to get in there and really build your own whip without having to take apart an existing one! Please call or text [redacted] or email.

This is totally a non running car, but for anyone looking to build something for themselves and has the mechanical ability this is a pretty sweet base body to start with. comes with subframes, control arms, spindle, hubs, axles, battery.

For those on a serious budget. All this car needs is a motor, diff, and suspension. OEM miata suspension can be had for VERY cheap- like maybe 100-200 cheap, anyone who buys aftermarket stuff generally gets rid of the stock stuff just because they don't have the space. and a diff can be had also for 200-400 bucks depending on type torsen, vlsd, open etc. so for maybe 800-1000 bucks maybe 1200 you could have a totally running car. I can help with parts and labor to get you going I just need to get this car off the premises.

Also this car comes with the premium aluminum alloy wheels 14" with BRAND SPANKING NEW TIRES, the car blew the motor literally 3 weeks after putting new tires on. Those retail on CL often for $200 or more.

At any rate. Someone with towing capability please come take my car!!!! Thanks for looking!

Top is on and works, but has two 3-4" long rips along the seam of the back glass window.



Yeeeeeah, I would've just told my landlord to COME EVICT ME BRO.

The full ad is here for those of you with more permissive rental agreements:…

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