Sellers Who Don't Want to Sell: 1971 Ford F100

Big black truck that will put your wallet into the red

It’s black. It’s got chrome. It has a blue oval. And it’s got a big sticker price. I’m frankly in sticker shock... someone get me a warm blanket and tell me everything is going to be okay, please?!

Today’s submission comes from the cradle of the California civilization known as Ukiah. Far to the north where people are actively trying to break away from the remainder of the state is a black pickup with your name on it. Well, it could have your name on the title if you want to shell out $40,000...


There are a lot of cheap 1960s and 70s Fords out there but this is not one of them. I searched for other trucks listed this high and wasn’t able to come up with much. I think this seller is actively NOT trying to sell his beloved pickup. Forty thousand dollars is a bit too much. By a bit, I’d say innumerable thousands too much.

Doesn’t the chroming process weaken the metal? Why do this if you want to USE this...
Chrome diff is definitely diff...

While I don’t particularly dislike this truck. I dislike many things about it. It has potential. Mostly the excessive amounts of chrome. I broke my ‘dislike’ button on my desk looking through these pictures.

Slot mags!

I REALLY don’t like the wheels. The early 90's are back with these! There are so dated, they’re almost cool again. For the price of this truck too, you’d expect something modern and ‘trendy’.

Where’s the Yosemite Sam floor mats?!

Interior ain’t clean either. What is in the center console thing? A fan belt? I can’t quite tell. Those floor mats are groovy! Too bad the truck isn’t red like the one on the mats. Speaking of the mats, dirty! Who gets $40,000 with a dirty interior? Anyone? A baja truck seller?

Big motor makes eleveneses

While I love a big block Ford, this one doesn’t have any details listed. Also more chrome, faux-steel braided radiator hose, and BLUE wire molding. Nothing says, “Pay me asking price” like some colored wire molding...

More wire molding... at least the wiring isn’t too cluttered

I hope someone pays this owner his asking price. It won’t be me. Probably not you. There are elbows and asses for every price...

If it were me, looking for a F100, I’d be looking at this one:

Still too expensive...

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