First off, it’s a shame we don’t get this color in the US.

I’m pretty well overworked, overstressed, and ready to break into a million tiny little pieces. There’s just too much going on, and I’m not handling it well. School is a huge part of this, because I’m pretty sure I bombed an exam worth 1/4 of my grade, and while I only need a C to GTFO, I need a B to get reimbursed. How much does that suck? (This all has a point) All this has led me to be frozen on what to do with the Abarth. I mean, I listed it for sale, but it was a half-hearted effort at best.

So the thing is, despite how utterly ridiculous it is, I do love the little beast. But I have the Montero, and it’s a fine truck, and do I need two gas burners? I know lots of people have more than one car. I’ve done that most of my life. But would I rather not be paying car payments and insurance on the Abarth when it will now sit for basically 4 months out of the year, maybe more, because it’s no longer equipped as a winter capable car. So I listed it for a reasonable price, a little higher than the pure stock Abarth’s out there, but it’s been well modified and taken car of. I could, of course, put it back to stock, sell off the mods and list it lower, that could work. But it’s work I don’t have a lot of time for right now. Once class is over in three weeks, maybe.

Or I could try to refinance it, drop the payment, reduce the miles I’ll be driving it to reduce insurance costs, keep it and the Montero.


Or I could pull the mods off, sell them, pay down the car, and trade it on something else, but that still has a car payment. That said, I’d probably look for an electric car for my daily commute, like a 500e or a Spark EV, which can be had for south of $9k all day long, and saves me 200 miles a week of commuter gas ($20-$35 a week, depending on the price of gas and whether I drive the montero or abarth). So that solution would save me ~$200/month, which is kinda cool. In truth, just having the montero with it’s stellar gas mileage would only save me ~$250/mo if I sold the abarth and only drove it. Electricity here in OH is ridiculously cheap. I think it would cost like $4/week to commute. If only my wife would approve the orange one...


I don’t know. This was a silly post to rant, because I’m overwhelmed by life right now.