My ‘89 Pickup was remarkably easy to sell. I had a few days of silence, but the first guy who looked at it bought it, and for more than I thought I would get. The Tercels... they have not been so easy.

Frankly I don’t want a lot of money for them. At this point, I would just like them gone. I sunk so much money into the blue one it’s pathetic. There is no expectation to profit, break even, or even salvage funds. I really wish I could keep the bronze one, but like I said, from gigantic gravel driveway to one-car garage (we have five cars). ((I live in excess and am a bad person)).

I have had multiple people knock on my door asking about them. They have not panned out. One guy wasted a good hour of my time talking about all the cool cars he’s owned, asked maybe two questions about my car. He then kept talking About himself. It was going nowhere slowly. My wife had to basically rescue me and shoo him away.

I had someone emailing me if my cat was included with the car (she was on the hood in a photo).

I had another person who just wanted the steering column, and even sent me a detailed diagram of the thing. I told him I was not parting the car out.


I could make more parting these out, over time, for sure. But I don’t have the time, patience, or place to store a heap of disassembled Japanese wagons.

I also had an interesting Tercel enthusiast email me and I called him up. He owns an immaculate ‘87 and has apparently owned (and flipped) many. It was a lengthy conversation, suddenly uprooted by a quick turn to pricing where he told me after how great the cars are, that mine are worthless because they are ugly. He said he won’t pay a cent over $1000 for both. It is nonegotiable, but his offer is “always on the table.” Nothing he said was necessarily wrong, but it felt very eerie. He became aggressive, and condescending, after buttering my up for a few minutes. I feel like he’s done this before... because he has. He said he literally just emails everyone in the continental United States that has a Tercel wagon for sale. When I hung up, I could only sigh. I will gladly sell them for less to not-that-guy, like someone who actually needs a car.

If the cars are worthless, then I should just scrap them. 600-700 from a junkyard in hand is better than 1000 from a flipper in the bush.